WDC Offers a Full Range of Accounting Services

Wealth Developer Canada Offers a Full Range of Accounting Services.

We provide tax and accounting services to corporate, small and medium sized businesses. This includes a variety of tax services, small business up to 5 employees, payroll, CEWS accounting and corporate tax.

Our features and services are here to serve clients in all major Canadian cities as well as outside of major urban areas. Being a virtual accounting resource company allows us to reach members almost anywhere.

Business Account Management

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If you need to file your small business or corporate tax return look no further. The accountants at Wealth Developer Canada can get your work done for you at very competitive rates with quality features we are certain you will be happy with. See our pricing below and register, upload documents and submit your request in as little as 15 minutes.

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We Know How Busy You Are. So We Designed A Simplified Platform For YOU.

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Our Business Services

View Recovery19 Financial Planning

  • Secure expense document uploader tool
  • Full statement of business activities (T2125)
  • Multiple income sources including self employment income.
  • Secure platform for storage, uploading and up to the moment financial reports
  • Tax form preparation including T4’s T4a’s and T5’s
  • Low cost add on available for quarterly HST statements reconciliation.
  • Self employment expense claims
  • Income tax preparation (T1s)
  • Tax planning including family trusts
  • Non-resident tax considerations
  • Retirement and financial planning
  • Voluntary tax disclosure and tax appeals
  • Planning and protecting your CRA status to minimize any tax burdens
  • Financial statement and notice to readers
  • International considerations, including non-resident employees
  • Preparation and filing of corporate tax returns
  • Commodity tax transactions including HST quarterly preparations
  • Balance sheet financial statements
  • Financial planning optimization for asset balancing


  • Business team meeting

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